The Journal of Astronomical Data - Submission of manuscripts

We have kept submission procedure very simple. The data paper should consist of a well-written description of the data, the data collection process (instruments, data reduction), and, if applicable, also the calibration process, and the data. This is most conveniently done in LaTeX by using the generic article.cls. There are no specific styles and formats necessary, but LaTeX compilations using style or class files of other journals will not be processed.

The author is free to use US or UK spelling.

The article need NOT contain the analysis of the data; this will be, or has already been, published in an other journal.

The data can be submitted on CD/DVD ROM, by email (tar file) or by ftp.

We require, however, that the data are not yet available in electronic form via a publicly available databank, ftp-service, etc.

The bibliographical information will be sent to the several abstract services available (CDS, ADS, etc.), so that the data are easily located by other astronomers, and that proper citation is taken care of.

Submit (by email or regular mail) to one of the editors:

Dr C. Sterken Dr László Szabados
Astronomy Group, VUB Journal of Astronomical Data
Pleinlaan 2 Konkoly Observatory
B-1050 BRUSSELS H-1525 Budapest, P.O.Box 67
Belgium Hungary
csterken at szabados at>

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