Printed Proceedings Volumes 1-5


The Journal of Astronomical Data (JAD) was founded in 1995 with the intention to provide a forum for publishing original astronomical research data in machine-readable form. The Journal consists of one volume per year, each volume containing a variable number of papers. The data are embedded in or appended to a scientific paper describing the scientific rationale of the underlying project, the way how the data were acquired, the intrinsic accuracy of the numerical results, and a short presentation of some of the conclusions of the analysis.

Except for these Proceedings, JAD appears in electronic form only, that is, the manuscripts and their associated data are reproduced on CDROM or DVD disks, with some of the data made available through internet.These proceedings present the descriptive part of the scientific papers published in the first five volumes. For reasons of economy, we have restricted every paper to its most essential descriptive aspect, omitting extensive tables and descriptive lists. As such, the original manuscripts as they have been published in Volumes 1-5 have been shortened and reformatted to suit this book. The complete volume is available as postscript file